Blue Zebra Stripe Ring Sling

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The Wallypop Ring Sling is an excellent sling for the beginning babywearer. The Ring Sling is compact and has a short learning curve. It is easily adjustable to many different wearers and many different wearing styles, as well as being easy to adjust on-the-fly for minute by minute changes in your or your baby's needs.

Our ring slings are made from sturdy midweight materials. We use only rings from because we care about your baby's safety. The tails of our ring slings have a slight taper. We make ring slings with the famous "Wallypop Shoulder," which is a double inverse pleat.

This is a size LONG. The tail of a Long will reach about knee length on an average size woman. Larger women will generally find the Long to reach approx mid-thigh or hip.

  • Rings from
  • Comfortable pleated Wallypop shoulder
  • 80" long, measured from middle of rings to middle of hem.
  • Sturdy materials and construction
  • 100% Cotton twill