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Custom Tula Cover, Slipcover. Keep your Tula safe and protected.

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Can't decide between your favorite Tula prints? Did you really want one print, but it sold out before you had a chance to buy it? Here's your answer - just put a slipcover on it!

Or, do you love your Tula but wish you could change it up a little? Want to dress up your Tula for a special occasion? Want to show off your personal sense of style? Want a Mickey Mouse cover for a vacation to DisneyWorld or a Dora print to carry around your Dora fanatic?

Bought a secondhand Tula but hate the print?

Our slipcovers are reversible - so it's like two covers for the price of one. The snaps that hold the sides together are hidden, so they don't detract from the overall design. The cover fits snugly with darts, not elastic, for a sleek and sophisticated look.

You have a few options for the hood:

- No access to the hood snaps at all. We'll just make the slipcover and you'll lose the ability to use the hood while the cover is in use.

- Buttonholes to provide access to the snaps if you want to use a hood (not included). Since the cover is reversible, buttonholes will be added on both sides of the cover, and will be visible from the outside unless you tell us otherwise. We can add an attached hood or snap on hood.

- Snaps on one or both sides of the slipcover to allow you to attach a hood (not included).

- Attached hood. We can permanently attach a hood to your cover. Hoods may be flat/adjustable, hoodie-style, pixie-style, or with animal ears. (If you'd like this option, please message us and we'll set up a custom order for you!)


Want matching or coordinating suck pads, hood, or other accessories? You can order those separately.

We can also add pockets and toy loops to your slipcover (again, just message us).

And last, though this item is for a slipcover made using fabrics we currently own, if you'd like us to buy fabric for your slipcover, that's also an option. Just (you guessed it) message us!

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You can see all of our available fabrics here. For this item, you'll want to pick two fabrics. (If you choose just one fabric, we'll pick something coordinating for the other side.)

Please enter your fabric choices in the space provided. Please also pick second choice fabrics just in case we're out of your first choices!