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About Wallypop

Wallypop is my home business, based in Des Moines, Iowa. I am a work at home, homeschooling mom of three.

I've always enjoyed sewing - I began when I was a very little girl. We chose to use cloth diapers on our oldest (Wally) because we knew it was the best thing for him. (The financial aspect helped, too!) When I was pregnant with Wally, I began to sew diapers for him. Then I started sewing a few diapers for friends online, who told their friends, etc., and by the time Wally was born, I realized that this could be a viable home business. I needed a source of income and wanted to do something I enjoy, so Wallypop was born shortly after Wally was!

Wally's now a teenager with two siblings. Our youngest was born with renal failure and received his transplant when he was 20 months old. He has a number of medical and non medical diagnoses, and our medical accessories lines were developed from his needs.


How our products are made

I do all of the shopping and labor myself. I buy fabric and supplies from a variety of sources - online retail, wholesale, and locally. I tend to prefer to work assembly-line style, so I typically make items for inventory in chunks of 10-40 at a time, but custom items are all made one at a time start-to-finish.

I currently have a high schooler, a tween, and a younger child with special needs. I do most of my work in the afternoons after the schoolwork that needs my involvement has wrapped up. I've got toys, movies, and a giant hammock in my office to entertain the youngest and keep him out of trouble, and I often need to stop working to take care of his needs - feeding pump alarms, med alarms, whatever. I do the vast majority of the sewing on weekends, when my husband is able to take primary responsibility for our youngest for large chunks of time, so I can work without interruptions!


Please take a look around. I enjoy being able to provide my customers with high-quality, WAHM-made items.