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CUSTOM Kids Hospital Gowns - Make Their Stay Less Scary With These Fun Gowns

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Please visit this link to see available fabrics and indicate your fabric choice (by number) at checkout. Please also choose a second choice. Pictures in this listing are of sample gowns that are not available for purchase.

What child anticipating a hospital visit does not need their own personal hospital gown? Sure, they can wear the gowns provided by the hospital, but they're so dull! Make your child's hospital stay a little more enjoyable with a gown featuring bright, colorful prints. We've known kids who actually look forward to an upcoming hospital stay when they receive their new gown in the mail!



These gowns feature snaps at each shoulder in different colors to make snapping the gown a bit easier - just match colors! The gown also snaps down the front - or back. It is exactly the same front and back, so you can choose what makes sense for you and your child - snapping down the back, or snapping in the front. We do NOT use ties - our personal experience has been that the ties are a giant pain when dealing with children in a hospital bed. Similarly, there's no hook and loop tape (Velcro or similar) to scratch or stick to blankets.



The gowns are roomy enough to be comfortable without being so big that they slide off the shoulders.

Size 6/9 month: 20 inches around/17 inches long
Size 12/18 month: 24 inches around/19 inches long
Size 2/4: 34 inches around/25 inches long
Size 4/6: 36 inches around/28 inches long
Size 6/8: 38 inches around/31 inches long
Size 8/10: 41 inches around/35 inches long
Size 10/12: 44 inches around/40 inches long
Size YA: Same as Adult Small, please purchase here: https://bit.ly/3tj9pW1

Please note, there is A LOT of overlap in the sizing. My own kids wore a 2/4 gown and then moved into the 6/8 and then 10/12 without using the 4/6 or 8/10 sizes at all. These are loose, shapeless garments - fit isn't super important.



The prices in this listing assume using fabric we currently own (wallypop.net/fabric). If you're using our own fabric, please order using fabric number and indicate a second choice just in case. Not every fabric we have listed will have enough length in stock for all sizes of gowns. Size YA gowns must choose fabric from the "Fabric for Adult Size Hospital Gowns" section.

You're welcome to send your own fabric (cost will be less) or we can purchase fabric at your direction (cost may vary). Please contact us for these options.



We offer matching or coordinating surgical caps (also called scrub caps or OR caps) in two styles - Circle style, or Surgeon style. The Circle style features fully encased elastic all around to keep your child's hair out of the way and contained. This style usually works best for kids. The Surgeon cap style is sewn just like a smaller version of a surgeon's scrub cap. For the YA size gowns, we can also make a Pixie style cap - see the adult listing for pictures. This style is perfect for women with longer hair. You can purchase the Pixie Scrub Caps here.

We can also add special features if any are required, such as a chest pocket with or without a pass-through opening, or hand pockets at waist level. Need other special features? Just message us.


Personalization with Names or Phrases is available!

If you would like your item to be personalized with a name or short phrase, please select "Add a Name/Phrase" from the menu. Then, in the space provided, indicate the name or short phrase you would like added to your item, the font you prefer (by number - see image), what color thread you prefer (if you have a preference - if no preference is indicated, we'll choose what we think would look best), and whether you want the personalization added to the side with the snaps or the side without snaps. (addition of embroidery makes a gown non reversible)

We will copy and paste the text you provide exactly. Please double check. Phrases of more than one word may be placed on more than one line. Personalization will be added to the gown only - if you want personalization on both gown and cap, please contact us.

If the print you've chosen is busy (lots of colors, lots of details), a thicker/fatter font will show up better. If we feel your font choice is inappropriate, we'll attempt to contact you.

We do not accept returns on embroidered items for any reason.

We *may* be able to accommodate requests for embroidered designs, as well. Cost will vary. Please contact us to discuss.



We can also make a matching gown set for your child and his or her doll to make hospital stays easier and more fun, and to help your child engage in pretend play as a coping mechanism for stressful, scary procedures and hospitalizations. You can purchase a doll gown here.



We understand that sometimes you're in a rush to get your hospital gown. Circumstances don't always allow for advance planning when it comes to medical things! If you're in a particular rush, please:

  • Contact us before ordering. Usually we can be available to make a hospital gown fast, but sometimes our personal schedule just doesn't allow for this type of service. I've got a medically complex kiddo myself, and can't rush your order if we're in the hospital ourselves! When you contact us, please let us know what fabrics you were wanting (first and second choice), your deadline or a general sense of your timeline, what size you want, and where you are located.

  • Be sure to note your rush at checkout, as well, so we can move your order up to the front of the line!

  • Choose Priority Express shipping. **We do NOT rush any orders that utilize first class shipping.** Orders that were requested to be rushed with first class shipping chosen will *not* be rushed - they will be added to our regular order queue.

Hospital gowns are not returnable for any reason.