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Custom Made Syringe Tote lets you carry 5 prefilled 60 mL syringes with ice pack, in a compact folio.

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I could not be more excited about this new product. It popped into my head one evening after yet another conversation with other tubie parents and adults about the best way to carry pre-filled 60 mL syringes. I put together the first prototype within a few hours. I can only blame chronic sleep deprivation for not solving this problem YEARS ago!

This compact tote will hold 5 full 60 mL syringes - 6 if they're slender syringes or you don't mind some squishing. It can accommodate syringes up to 13 inches long.

The Syringe Tote closes with a zipper, and has a divider down the middle - you can use it to separate the syringes from the ice pack, or you can use it as an extra pocket to store accessories or your Syringe Holster for liquid medications (see separate listing for our Syringe Holsters). It also has two small interior pockets (about 4x5 inches) to hold smaller syringes, extensions, Button Cushions, etc.

It is double insulated - two layers of insulating material - twice the amount of insulation as our insulated feeding pump bag covers. This not only assures maximum coolness for your food, but also cushions the syringes to prevent breakage. The last thing you want is a cracked, leaking syringe.

The tote itself measures 10 inches wide by 14.5 inches tall.

To use, just fill and cap your syringes, wipe off any food or formula that may have gotten on the outside of the syringe, toss the syringes into the Tote, add a slim ice pack, zip it up, and go!

TO ORDER, please visit our fabrics page at and select a cotton fabric from our wide selection of available prints. Please also select a backup choice just in case we don't have enough of your first choice. Indicate your preferences in the space provided.

Personalization with Names or Phrases is available!

If you would like your Tote to be personalized with a name or short phrase, please type the text you'd like added to your tote in the space provided. We will copy and paste exactly what you've typed, so double check for accuracy and don't use punctuation (like quotes) that you don't want on your tote. Please also indicate the font you prefer (by number) and what color thread you prefer (if you have a preference - if no preference is indicated, we'll choose what we think would look best). Longer names that do not fit across the width of the Tote will be turned and placed along the side of the Tote. Phrases of more than one word may be placed on more than one line.

If the print you've chosen is busy (lots of colors, lots of details), a thicker/fatter font will show up better.

We do not accept returns on embroidered items for any reason.

We *may* be able to accommodate requests for embroidered designs, as well. Cost will vary. Please contact us to discuss.


We recommend using a slim ice pack - not the fat "picnic" style ice packs, but the slim type designed for lunch bags. (Or, my personal favorite is to just reuse the ice packs that come with our mailed medications, but not everyone gets specialty meds via the mail.)

If your syringes are longer than 13 inches, or you need a tote for more or fewer syringes, we're happy to make something to accommodate your needs! We can also add carry handles to the tote if desired. I imagine these will mostly be used INSIDE other bags, but if your situation calls for carrying JUST the Syringe Tote, we can absolutely accommodate. Just send us a message with what you want!