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65" Teal Cupcake WIDE Cord Keeper, Insulated. Ready to Ship.

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Cord Keepers - Funner to look at than plain tubes, and safer, too! Our WIDE Cord Keepers are especially made for vent circuits, CPAP machines, dialysis tubing, or other wide tubing that needs to be covered. They cut down on condensation, cover up ugly/plain tubes, prevent your tubes from making those weird noises when they rub on your nightstand or other surfaces, and keep your tubing protected from kinks and little fingers alike. They've even been known to make grumpy children more accepting of their various tubes.


This WIDE Cord Keeper is insulated for superior condensation reduction and cushion.

WIDE Cord Keepers feature two rows of snaps to accommodate different needs. They are approx. 1.2 inches in diameter (about 4 inches circumference) on the outside snaps and 1 inch diameter (3 inches circumference) on the inside snaps. High quality KAM snaps are located every four inches along the length of the Keeper. Tubes can enter and exit the Cord Keeper at any point.

How do you know what length you need? It depends entirely on your intended use and how much of your tubing you want covered. The best way to decide what will work best for your needs is to actually measure the length of the tubing you want to cover.

Please use common sense when using the WIDE Cord Keepers. Do Not attach to the patient's collar. Keep exhalation ports uncovered. Completely remove Cord Keeper when doing any maintenance on the lines. WIDE Cord Keepers may be pinned to clothing at or below the waist, but should not be pinned to collars. Many caregivers use these at night to tuck cords along the side of the crib or bed.