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Adult Hospital Gown, Custom-Made

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Are you or a loved one planning for an upcoming surgery or hospital stay? Or are you or your loved one dealing with a longer-term health condition? Sure, you can wear hospital-issued gowns but they're so institutional. And boring. And not exactly modest.

These gowns feature snaps at each shoulder in different colors to make snapping the gown together a bit easier - just match colors! The gown also snaps down the front - or back. It is exactly the same front and back, so you can choose what makes sense for you or the wearer - snapping down the back, or snapping in the front. We do NOT use ties - our personal experience has been that the ties are a giant pain. Similarly, there's no hook and loop tape (Velcro or similar) to scratch or stick to blankets.
The gowns are roomy enough to be comfortable without being so big that they slide off the shoulders.



Size YA/Adult Small: 48 inches around/40 inches long
Fits many teens and small to small/med adults. I wear a size medium Tshirt and size 4/6 clothes. I wear a YA/Adult Small size gown.

Size Medium/Large: 56 inches around/44 inches long
Fits most adults who wear up to a size Large Tshirt, and many who wear an XL.

Size Large/XLarge: 64 inches around/46 inches long
Fits most adults up to a 2x and many up to a 3x. In the pictures, the man in the plaid gown typically wears a 3x shirt.

These are loose, shapeless garments! Measure around your widest part of your body - whether that's your chest, your stomach, or your hips - and then give yourself some wiggle room.



  1. Pick a fabric and a backup fabric. *Please choose from the fabrics in the "Fabric for Adult Size Hospital Gowns page here:    
    If you don't see a fabric you'd like, we can definitely purchase something for you - just message us for options and pricing.

  2. Choose any add-ons you need. If you need something added that isn't shown as an option here (see possibilities below), please message me.

    Scrub Caps are available, as well, please see:
    Pixie Style Scrub Cap    and    Standard Style Scrub Cap

  3. Let me know if you'd like your name or a short phrase embroidered onto your gown. See below for more details.

These gowns are custom made, and subject to the same turnaround times as any other order. (Check the announcements spot at the top of every page to see current timelines.) if you need your gown faster than that or by a specific date, please let me know before purchasing and I can usually accommodate. If you need to RUSH your order (1-2 days for me to make it and get it in the mail), please message me before ordering. Rushing a gown is free if necessary, but rush orders MUST USE next day shipping. I will not rush orders purchased with first class or Priority shipping. Rush orders are not always available. 

Hospital gowns are not returnable for any reason.



Personalization with Names or Phrases is available!

If you would like your item to be personalized with a name or short phrase, please type EXACTLY what you want added in the box indicated. I will copy/paste exactly what you've typed, so please double check! And don't use punctuation marks (like quotes) unless you want them on your gown.  Also indicate what color thread and what font you'd like, and let us know if you'd like the embroidery on the side with the snaps or the side without snaps.

If the print you've chosen is busy (lots of colors, lots of details), a thicker/fatter font will show up better.

We do not accept returns on embroidered items for any reason.

We *may* be able to accommodate requests for embroidered designs, as well. Cost will vary. Please contact us to discuss.


There are a number of ways I can customize these gowns for your needs. Some examples of things I've done in the past:

- Change sleeve length
- Change gown length (longer and shorter)
- Make a gown shirt-length
- Add multiple pockets
- Add additional passthroughs
- Make gown half snap, half pull-on
- Have gown snap both front AND back for better access
- Add inside pockets
- Use hook and loop tape instead of snaps
- Make gown completely pullover with snap open sleeves

I do not make tie style gowns.
I do not make gowns that unsnap along the armhole seam (like for nursing). These gowns unsnap along the top of the sleeve.

I do not screen print. I can do custom embroidery up to 5x7. For standard designs (a cupcake, a bird, etc), cost depends on the design. For Logos and custom artwork, those must be provided as a .pes file; cost for embroidery will depend on the stitch count and complexity. 

Not only do plenty of other people sell these style gowns, but I also just lack time at the moment to make new patterns for completely different styles of gowns. I draft my patterns myself and I'm sure you can appreciate the investment in time and money it takes to make a totally new style.

Do you need additional customization for your gown? Contact me with details.