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Custom Made fitted Perfect Size cloth diapers.

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Our perfect size diapers have been a favorite of cloth diapering moms for almost two decades! Our size Mediums, especially, are a favorite because of their wide size range and amazing fit and absorbency.

This diaper is made from two layers of sturdy, soft flannel. It has a layer of flannel against baby's skin. There are four layers of absorbent cotton sherpa sewn inside the diaper and additional four layers sewn in a separate soaker attached externally for faster drying. The diaper closes with Touchtape closures (complete with laundry tabs) or snap closures. It is turned and topstitched, with the elastic encased safely away from baby's sensitive skin.


You can choose:

SIZEPlease see the sizing chart below.

This is the fabric that you see when the diaper is on. Please check out our available fabrics page and choose what fabric you'd like us to use. You may choose a cotton or a flannel print - please choose a backup print just in case!  If you prefer, you may choose instead an all-hemp or all-rayon (bamboo)* diaper.

This is the fabric that's touching baby's skin. Flannel feels wet against skin, microfleece feels dry. You may also choose hemp or rayon (bamboo)* if you'd like an all-hemp or all-bamboo diaper.

This is the fabric that's inside the diaper, the absorbent material. Sherpa is a cotton fabric (with a polyester back for stability). Flannel is all cotton - it's stiffer than the other options, but some people prefer it. Microfiber is a polyester microfiber that's very absorbent. You can also choose hemp or rayon (bamboo*). Each has its pros and cons. Please contact us to discuss if you're unsure what to choose!

Do you want an internal soaker (completely contained within the diaper) or an edge-sewn soaker (some absorbent material is within the diaper, the rest is sewn into a pad and attached to the edge of the diaper for easier washing and faster drying)?

You can choose between snap closure or Touchtape closure. Our Touchtape closures have laundry tabs allow for a crossover closure. The snap tabs feature two snaps on each tab with closure positions available every inch across the front of the diaper.

We can add a layer of PUL just inside the outer layer of fabric to make this diaper a hybrid diaper - it will be able to be worn without a cover for a period of time, but the PUL layer doesn't substitute for a cover.

If you would like your diaper to be personalized with a name or short phrase, please type EXACTLY the name or phrase you'd like in the space provided. We'll copy paste exactly what you've typed, so check to make sure it's right, and don't include punctuation unless you want it on your item. Also indicate the font you prefer (by number) as well as what color thread you prefer (if you have a preference - if no preference is indicated, we'll choose what we think would look best).

If the print you've chosen is busy (lots of colors, lots of details), a thicker/fatter font will show up better.

We do not accept returns on embroidered items for any reason.

We *may* be able to accommodate requests for embroidered designs, as well. Cost will vary. Please contact us to discuss.



SIZING CHART for Wallypop Brand Diapers and Covers
Weight Waist Thigh Rise
Small 8-16 lbs 6-18 2-10 13/14
Medium 13-25 lbs 8-22 4-12 15
Large 18-35 lbs 10-24 6-15 19

Ranges are approximate; fit varies with each child.

The size large starts at 18 lbs, reflecting a slender toddler, not a fat baby. This is important! Most babies will not move into a large until they are 18 months or older. Most babies younger than 18 months or so will SWIM in a large. Trust me on this.

Not sure whether to get mediums or larges? There is a lot of overlap between these sizes, but the mediums will fit younger children better, while the larges will fit older children better. Mediums will fit trimmer on larger children, Larges will provide more coverage. Has your child started walking and slimming down yet? If no, go with mediums. If yes, consider larges.

Not sure whether to get smalls or mediums? If your child is at the upper range of Small and the lower range of Medium, I'd advise getting Mediums.


This is a fitted diaper and, as such, is not waterproof. It will require a cover to be worn under clothes. Many families also choose to use fitted diapers without covers around the house for excellent breathability and air circulation.


*Rayon (bamboo). All Bamboo fabric is technically and legally rayon. The FDA doesn't allow businesses to call it bamboo - it's rayon.