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Custom made size SMALL Weighted Blanket. You choose weight, fabric. Fully Custom.

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Weighted blankets are used often to help people with sensory processing disorders, autism, dementia, restless legs syndrome, etc. They're also just plain cozy for those of us without any diagnosed conditions, but who appreciate nice heavy blankets.

Our weighted blankets are filled with poly beads. We use relatively small pockets (typically between 4-6 inches) to ensure even distribution of weight. Our blankets feature two full layers of flannel or cotton inside to create a nice pocket for the beads to keep them contained inside the blanket.

This listing is for a blanket made from our available fabric. You may choose whichever fabrics you prefer - flannel on one side and coordinating Minkee fleece on the other side is most popular, with cotton on both sides a close second. However, we can make them from any combination of washable fabrics that you wish. (We've made flannel/minkee, cotton/minkee, cotton/cotton, flannel/flannel, flannel/cotton, and cotton/regular fleece in the past.)

Please let us know when you check out what you'd like for fabric. You can see our current instock fabric here - please choose a secondary option, as well, in the event we don't have enough of your first choice.  If nothing there trips your fancy, we can also purchase fabric for you - please be aware that there may be an upcharge depending on what you pick for fabric - we can provide some guidance if you wish to avoid this.

You may choose two fabrics (one for each side) or you can just choose fabric for the front side and we'll choose a coordinating Minkee for the back.

Our blankets are available in four stock sizes. THIS listing is for a size SMALL blanket, approx 41 x 35 in.

Other available sizes are Medium (58x42), Large (72x42), and Lap Pad (19x13). See separate listings for these sizes.

How do you decide what weight? If you or your child works with an OT, it's best to ask them for a recommendation. If you don't have an OT available, a general recommendation is 10% of bodyweight plus 1 lb.

*not appropriate for use with children under 1 year of age*


Personalization available

We can also add your name or other custom text to your blanket. If you'd like us to personalize your blanket, please fill out the boxes with the EXACT name or phrase you'd like us to add, as well as your chosen font and thread color. Please also let us know what size of the blanket you'd like your personalization.