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Custom made WIDE Cord Keepers for ventilator circuits, Dialysis tubing, CPAP, and other WIDE tubes.

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Looking for a WIDE Cord Keeper but want to choose your own fabric or length, rather than pick from our Ready to Ship options? You're in the right place!

Our WIDE Cord Keepers are especially made for vent circuits, CPAP machines, dialysis tubing, or other wide tubing that needs to be covered. Cut down on condensation, cover up ugly/plain tubes, prevent your tubes from making those weird noises when they rub on your nightstand or other surfaces, and keep your tubing protected from kinks and little fingers alike.

WIDE Cord Keepers may be pinned to clothing near the dialysis catheter or to legs or feet of pajamas, but should not be pinned to collars. Many caregivers use these at night to tuck cords along the side of the crib or bed. These are quite popular for reducing condensation in vent circuits and CPAP tubing. They've even been known to make grumpy children more accepting of their various tubes.

WIDE Cord Keepers feature two rows of snaps to accommodate different needs. They are approx. 1.2 inches in diameter (about 4 inches circumference) on the outside snaps and 1 inch diameter (3 inches circumference) on the inside snaps. High quality KAM snaps are located every four inches along the length of the Keeper. Tubes can enter and exit the Cord Keeper at any point.


Insulation Available

WIDE Cord Keepers are also available as Insulated - Rather than two cotton layers, the insulated Keepers are cotton + fleece to insulate the Cord Keeper. This helps cut down on condensation, helps keep the air in the circuit warm, etc.



Our Custom Cord Keepers are available in seven standard lengths -OR- we can make them any length you wish. Cord Keepers close with high-quality KAM snaps located every four inches along the length. Tubes can enter and exit the Cord Keeper at any point. This also allows for easy access to things like a water trap and allows an easy way to monitor junctions.

12 inches
23 inches
35 inches
41 inches
50 inches
60 inches
72 inches

Not sure what length you need? It depends entirely on your intended use and your personal preference. The best way to decide what will work best for your needs is to actually measure the length of the tubing you want to cover.


Available Fabrics

You may choose from among any of our fabrics on our Available Fabrics page.  Please indicate a second choice, as well, as not all fabrics will have enough available for every width/length of cord keeper. You may choose the Outside (visible) fabric only; we will choose a coordinating inner fabric. If you prefer, we can also purchase fabric for you, or use your own fabric - cost will vary. Please contact us if you'd like either of these options.

Personalization with Names or Phrases is available!

If you would like your item to be personalized with a name or short phrase, please type the name or phrase you'd like in the space provided, EXACTLY as you want it on your item. Please double check (and don't use punctuation marks - like quotes - unless you want them on your item). 

Also indicate the font you prefer (by number) and what color thread you prefer (if you have a preference - if no preference is indicated, we'll choose what we think would look best).

If the print you've chosen is busy (lots of colors, lots of details), a thicker/fatter font will show up better.

We do not accept returns on embroidered items for any reason.

We *may* be able to accommodate requests for embroidered designs, as well. Cost will vary. Please contact us to discuss.

Please use common sense when using the Cord Keepers. Do Not attach to the patient's collar. Keep exhalation ports uncovered. Completely remove Cord Keeper when doing any maintenance on the lines. Wash your cord keepers frequently and any time they are soiled.