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UIowa Double-Sided Waterproof Zip Pouch. Ready to Ship.

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These double-sided, waterproof*, zip-close pouches have so many uses.

- Feeding tube supplies: keep used Button Cushions on one side, and dry ones on the other. Store Extensions in one side and empty syringes on the other. Store your spare Gtube on one side and tape on the other.

- Medical Supplies: Store whatever you need! We used to keep our dialysis emergency kit in one side and our Gtube emergency kit in the other side.

- Potty Training: Store a few pairs of dry underwear in one side, and put the wet ones in the other.

- Menstrual products: if you use cloth pads, store clean pads on one side, and used pads on the other. Or, store pads in one side and tampons in the other. Keep your menstrual cup on one side and pads on the other for a "just in case" kit, or for travel.

- Every day stuff: Crayons in one side, small notebook in the other. Hot Wheels in one side, Shopkins in the other. Sidewalk chalk in one side, bubbles in the other. Receipts for reimbursement in one side, notepad and pencil in the other.

  • Constructed like two small waterproof bags that share an outer decorative layer.
  • Interior is thick, waterproof PUL
  • Exterior is a decorative cotton print.
  • Layers are sewn separately to reduce leaking or wicking.
  • Closes with a zipper at each opening.
  • Two snaps near the zippers hold the bag in its folded position, but it can also be used flat.
  • Approximately 6 inches wide by 5.5 inches tall when folded.

I personally use these bags to hold small, related items that I don't want to be stored together, but I don't want entirely separate, either. Like I said above, when my kiddo was on dialysis, I stored our dialysis catheter emergency kit in one side, and our Gtube emergency kit in the other side. At present, I keep small toys for different kids in each side of the pouch, and I also have one in our bag that has oral snacks on one side and a few baby food packets plus a syringe on the other side for snack emergencies. I also currently have one in my bag with a few pairs of clean undies and socks for the inevitable potty accidents or wet/dirty sock emergencies (he, uh, takes his shoes off but then freaks out if the socks get dirty...)

*waterproof: This isn't a plastic zip lock bag. We've put dripping wet swimsuits in our bags (obviously we use slightly bigger ones for this) and they've been fine for hours, but they will eventually start wicking through.